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World Football Database History

The first database effort by anyone in the WFO/WFO projects was Jóhannes Birgir Jensson's Teams of the World (1995). Situated at, the site contained only a small set of information limited to the name of the club, the colors of the club, and the competitions that the club had won. Michael Raney joined this project as a co-researcher with Jóhannes, the programming brain of the pair. At the height of its success, the TOTW database had 1000 clubs in it.

When the plans were made for the creation of the World Football Organization, it was Jóhannes once again with the task of programming a more extensive and usable database, helped (and hindered!) by the ideas of Michael, Boye Bjerkholt, and Flemming Vorbeck. After more than a year of development, the World Football Database went online on 16 October 2000. The WFD, which has been continuously refined since day 1, currently contains more than 7000 clubs in it as well as various other data.

Behind the scenes at the WFO, a new version of the database is being developed, to incorporate statistics and more in-depth information on matches and players. The new version of the database, also to include more languages using the UNICODE standard, will be a great boost in our effort to help young people not only find clubs to play for but also to find which clubs and players have found a winning strategy for training.