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World Football Youth Overview

The World Football Youth (WFY) will act as the primary development arm of the World Football Organization (WFO), working to establish youth football programs where there currently are none and to support programs already in place. We will, according to the limits of our resources, create or assist training programs, leagues, tournaments, camps, and other youth-related projects. The central target area of the WFY's missions will be places where children are at a high risk of danger from drugs, violence and crime. Our philosophy is that kids can succeed in life no matter where they are raised, as long as they have positive outlets to oppose negative ones.

Despite our focus on football, the WFY is not trying to build up generations of football superstars. Our goal is to use football, a game of teamwork and fitness, to produce generations of strong young adults, successful community leaders who know that crime and drugs are not solutions to any problem. If one player in our programs can pursue his or her dreams at the highest levels of football, we will certainly be happy. But if our players can influence the next generations for the improvement of their neighborhoods, we will have achieved a step toward our goal.